Sitecore 7.2 & 8.0 'Clear on Index Update' output caching for MVC renderings is missing/broken

Clear on Index Update, specifically for MVC renderings, is not supported by Sitecore.NET 7.2 (rev. 140526). Looks like support was only added for WebForms based renderings. I know »

Data migration with PowerShell extension for Sitecore

If you're a big fan of PowerShell you gonna like this one. I think PowerShell Extensions for Sitecore is the best third party module for Sitecore you can get, in »

T4Decorators, a way to auto generate decorators in C#

A couple of times now I've had the need to quickly wrap an object up so I can extend or alter some of it behaviour. Most of the time its »

Pass Sitecore MVC rendering parameters as arguments to underlying controller action

Sitecore rendering parameters are a very powerful feature that decouples presentation and content. Its available from the current request context and can be accessed by rendering controller actions via a »

Rebuild Sitecore index on an individual content delivery server

This is a quick and dirty hack not a permanent solution. In a multi server configuraiton correct index rebuild policies need to be configured - read more about rebuild strategies »